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Fin2B pursues financial innovation to build a better future for enterprises.
Fin2B seeks to utilize the power of digital technology to optimize supply chain cash flow.

Fin2B FSCM to optimize working capital

Fin2B Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) solution is a useful tool for companies to optimize their working capital. By optimizing working capital on the supply chain, it is possible to procure funds at the lowest cost while dramatically improving fund efficiency.

We efficiently connect Buyers, Suppliers and Funders

In this World of limitless competition, companies more than ever feels the need to optimize their working capital - from raw material purchases, processing, and after-sales cash back. FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management) solution enables buyers to extend the payment period or to manage short-term funds and sellers to receive early payment, dramatically improving the company's cash flow. This enables buyers to optimize working capital and sellers to secure funding for growth resulting in reduction of the financial risk across the supply chain.


  • · Improve cash flow
  • · Strengthen supply chain
  • · Optimize working capital
  • · Make money on short term fund


  • · Improve cash flow
  • · Remove cash flow uncertainties
  • · Secure short-term liquidity
  • · Keep the balance sheet healthy


  • · Reduce risk utilizing buyers’ credit
  • · Make high return while managing risk
  • · Clarity of invested asset management
  • · Minimize transaction costs

See what our Clients have to say

“With the Fin2B platform, we were able to offer discounts to vendors, which allowed us to extend our funding periods to operate our operating funds efficiently. The platform was also easy to find the information you wanted and the screen was conveniently configured to learn how to use. ”
Buyer, E-land Service

“Short-term financing has not been easy in practice, and the Fin2B platform is a very useful tool for short-term financing. With the existing financial sector, paper work was a lot of pressure, and the Fin2B solution was very easy to raise money without any inconvenience, such as filing documents. ”
Supplier, D politec

“In Vietnam, there is no solution like Fin2B’s Early payment solutions. So it is very helpful to our suppliers. We can use this platform without any paperwork. It saves our time and human resources. We plan to use this platform continuously.”
Buyer, I Market Vietnam
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