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Fin2B pursues financial innovation to build a better future for enterprises.
Fin2B seeks to utilize the power of digital technology to optimize supply chain cash flow.

Fin2B SCF Platform Service to optimize working capital

Fin2B SaaS based Supply Chain Finance (SCF) solution is a useful tool for companies to optimize their working capital. By optimizing working capital on the supply chain, it is possible to procure funds at the lowest cost while dramatically improving fund efficiency.

We efficiently connect Buyers, Suppliers and Financiers in ASIA

Small and medium sized enterprises in Asia suffers from challenge to access efficient financing due to lack of credit. It is often incredibly challenging to manage working capital from purchase of the goods, production and recovery of funds after sales, often preventing SMEs to grow healthily. Utilizing Fin2B SCF solution, both suppliers and buyers to optimize their cash management by getting access to cash efficiently. Fin2B SaaS based SCF solution allows financier to launch products quickly at fraction of costs.

SME Suppliers

  • · Early payment form sales
  • · Lowering costs of funds leveraging credit-worthy buyers
  • · Optimize working capital
  • · Non-contact efficient solution to access cash conveniently

SME Buyers

  • · Access fund for purchasing efficiently
  • · Lowering costs of funds leveraging credit-worthy supplier
  • · Optimize working capital
  • · Non-contact efficient solution to access cash conveniently


  • · Reduce risk utilizing supply chain relationships
  • · Reduce transactional costs
  • · Reduce time to market and costs compared to internal product development
  • · Higher profitabilty given risk profile

See what our Clients have to say

“For SMEs with lack of credit ratings, short-term financing is never an easy task. Account receivable based finance through the Fin2B SCF platform are a very useful short-term financing tool. We can efficiently secure operating funds by access cash quickly by a non-face-to-face process and at very low interest rates. ”
A*** Supplier

“SAs a distributor, we have experienced frequent liquidity shortages as it took a lot of time to purchase products from manufacturers, sell them to final consumers and to receive payments. I was able to grow my business steadily, especially because I can apply for a loan online in just a few minutes without having to go to the bank. ”
B*** Buyer

“Supply chain finance is a very useful program for targeting the local middle market in terms of customer acquisition while managing risk effectively. In order to run successful supply chain finance program, it is important to reduce high transaction costs due to manual handling. I think the SaaS-based Fin2B SCF platform that can promote this is the best option for banks in terms of speed of launching the product as well as costs. Through the standardized process of the Fin2B SCF platform linked to the bank's internal system, we are conducting our supply chain finance business efficiently.”
C*** Bank
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